• Piggy Bank The SFM Winter Appeal is now underway in the midst of a fairly radical change of platform at SFM Central. We have moved from the familiar blog format to a new Forum platform, and we hope that this will give rise to an increase in our number, as it offers easier and more granular access to discussion.

    In the course of the next year, we expect to see our numbers grow, and our costs reduce. This is because our hosting contract, designed to cope with the blog format during the busiest period of the greatest ever Scottish football scandal, ends this year. The new format will be less demanding in terms of hardware and bandwidth, though perhaps more so in respect of moderation.

    The current period we are living in is extremely hard for everyone, and there is no doubt that the pressures on our members are huge. However our overarching aim is to preserve the SFM community as a refuge for some, as a laugh for others, and an education for others still.

    The funds we are looking to raise are for the usual costs of hosting, moderation and support - and also the software costs associated wit the move.

    Please consider helping us get there by donating at our Donations Page.
    We are grateful for any amount, large or small.

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